What We Can Help With

Summit HOA Services Inc. offers a variety of services to assist individual homeowners, volunteer board members, managers and all other interested parties, in their common community association administration and governance.

Individual homeowners - have a question or concern regarding your HOA administration or governance, we'd love to help. You might find your answer in our FAQ's or in one of our various Articles.

Buyers of a property governed by an HOA - be comfortable with the community you're buying into. Know what to expect. You have no doubt been advised to have your intended purchase physically inspected, why not consider an administration and governance assessment report on the community as a whole.

Sellers of a property governed by an HOA - know what your buyers are looking for in a healthy community. Be prepared with your legal disclosures.

Volunteer board members - you have taken on great responsibility. As a leader of your community, you need to be informed, understand your documents, know your HOA's financial position, be familiar with current legislation and, above all, you need to ensure the affairs of the association are governed prudently, properly, equitably, and fully transparent. We can help guide you through all aspects of your common community fiduciary responsibilities.

Property Managers - as a complimentary tool to effective management, we help guide association managers to ensure they offer their clients the best and most update to date service possible.

Real Estate Brokers - get the latest information to ensure your HOA client is positioned for the optimal sale or purchase.

Legal Profession - you have offered invaluable advice to your HOA client. We can help translate that advice into practical solutions for their specific environment. As is often the case when working with our clients, attorney advice is recommended, or required. We view our relationship with HOA attorneys with the utmost respect and recognition.

Accountants and Bookkeepers - financial record keeping and advice can often be overwhelming to HOA members. We assist by educating members on reading and understanding financial statements, ensure they support each other (eg. the reserve analysis supports the operating budget), and by keeping the HOA financially on track, timely and precise in their reporting.

Developers and Builders - transitioning control of the association's affairs to the new board of directors is a process, rather than an event. It starts with the initial drafting of the governing documents. Our services can help smooth the transition, keep you on track with your timelines, and limit your exposure to liability.