Meet Your Management Team

Here are here to assist individual homeowners, volunteer board members, managers and all other interested parties, in their common community association administration and governance.


Leanne Shaw-President

Financials, Budgets, and Legal Matters

Leanne has 18 years property management experience and 9 years specific to HOA's. She has her CMCA, CAM license, AMS and is working on her real estate license. Click HERE to learn more about Leanne!


Tom Simmins

Salida/Chaffee County Community Manager

Tom started out as the Director of Property Management in charge of four owners associations, at what was then, Big Country Resorts. To learn more about Tom, click HERE!

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Cathy Fraser

Community Association Manager (CAM)
Daily HOA Operations and Websites

Here to serve you and your community!  Click HERE for more information and to connect.


Eric Gower

Apprentice Community Association Manager

I love working with people and Summit HOA Services gives me the chance to work with the community in Salida. Click HERE to learn more about Eric.


Randy Wheat

Maintenance Supervisor & On Site Guru
at Ten Mile Creek Condos


David Orr

Maintenance Guru